Step Sheets

So you want to learn more about how to perfect this skill. Translating something written into the movement of the human body can be quite frustrating. Luckily there are step sheets and different genres in dance step sources. These techniques are not just for country music either. It does take a lot of time and effort to perfect the hustle, scuff, wind, stomp and whatever other moves you want to learn.

Wouldn’t life be great if it were like the musicals we see where we can all just break out into song and dance. This would have made my high school experience much better if I had a Greensboro limo company pulling up into the parking lot of my high school and we can break out into some footloose or thriller. Now a days we have the interesting moves the millennials have come up with now like dabbing, hitting the folks, the whip and all of that fun vine stuff that used to exist.

I’m going to take you through some of the step sheet examples that have been used for some popular songs. The first thing to do is line up with good posture, eyes and feet forward, and hands on the hips.

Begin with some heel to toe struts and move two steps forward. For a 1-2-3-4 count then touch right heel forward, step right together, touch left heel forward, step left together for 5 and 6. By Proceed to chasse forward right, left, right. By the way chasse is basically a small leap in the air with that involves touching your feet together while still in the air. For 7 and 8 chasse forward left, right, left. The step sheet music for that routine can actually be used for the Bob Marley song Red Wine. Try it out! Isn’t that awesome?

Wouldn’t it also be wonderful if songs just told you what to do as you were trying to perfect the routine? Did you forget about the Hannah Montana movie with Miley Cyrus’ 2009 classic Hoedown Throw down? As long as you don’t mind, she adds a little hip-hop to this routine. Remember all of the iconic moves like the lean back side to side, shuffle diagonal, country fly, move your arms side to side, jump to the left, stick it glide. Did you just realize you were doing the 180 twist completely wrong for eight years too? It’s really amazing how it took the people in the music video one minute to learn this whole dance and it took you four and you are still trying to perfect it.

Maybe one day, life can be like a movie (more quotes from the Miley movie). Don’t pretend you didn’t jam out to Hannah Montana everyday in middle school. Yes we all wanted to be her, myself included, you know before the 2012 breakdown. Hey she still got the beautiful Liam Hemsworth back. So next time that guy doesn’t text you back, think of how 2015 Miley is doing after wrecking ball. Anything is possible and Kevin Garnett would agree.