Even though line dancing is considered to be recreation, did you know that at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta they actuallycompete in competitions as if it is considered a sport? There are couples dance, pro-am dance, and the line dance of course. For this the dancers are all facing the same direction and do not come in contact with each other. It is super cheap to enter the contest but if you aren’t very talented, they might be calling the Junk Removal Services and they will have you dropped down to the beginners dance floor.

There is no partner required in order to enter the competition and there are different levels of workshops that you can participate in in order to get better. Theres the beginner, obviously for people who have barely participated before. Then theres intermediate where basic footwork, frame, lead, and follow techniques are presented. This is also for those who have an understanding of the material and concepts such as timing, execution and body changes. Finally there is the intermediate plus and the advanced you must be an active dancer for at least 2 to 5 years and have timing variations, syncopation concepts, rhythm concepts, and more advanced pattern structures down.

The different types of dance moves involved in this line dancing competition include the triple two which involves curving and changing patterns more for slower music. Then theres polka which is very high energy and one of the most exciting to watch. It is a combination of the two step and the triple two. I’m sure you have all heard of the 1950’s cha cha slide, although it is very different in the steps of line dancing. It can be similar to the mambo and combines a series of fast triple steps. Theres the waltz which is a smooth Michael Buble dance characterized by long movements which can be considered elegant. finally theres the east coast and the west coast swing. You didn’t know there was a difference either? The east coast swing is similar to the jive and the west coast involves more contemporary blues and jazz.

Video taping the dances is absolutely prohibited so do not worry about if you have the dancing skills of Willard Hewiit. Here is what is required in order to graduate to the next skill level and compete in this competitive competition. You must master the arabesque, boogie walk, camel walk, count “a”, jazz box (turning 1/2), monterey turn, pencil turn, platform spin, sailor step, the swivet, the three step turn, toe/heel/cross swivels, and last but not least the crucial triple turn. I advise you to try and enter these competitions because you will naturally improve your dancing skills and knowledge along the way. You will also be socializing, traveling, and having a great time.